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Fit Woman

Meet our Personal Trainers

We have both in-house trainers as well as outside trainers who coach clients within our facility. Check out each trainers area of expertise and qualifications that best meet your needs and goals!


Virginia Martinez

Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Meet Virginia

One of F2k's elite personal trainers with other 20+ years of experience! With numerous certifications under her belt and experience as a fitness competitor and nutrition coach, she specializes in weight loss and lifestyle changes. She can work with practically anyone, ranging from freshly new gym-goers to experienced, no matter the age. Contact: Please contact the front desk for all inquiries or email:

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Sonya Jamila

Personal Trainer

Meet Sonya

Sonya specializes in helping men and women over 30 achieve their weight loss goals and gain confidence. She uses cardiovascular training, functional, strength, and flexiblity training to support them in their fitness journey. She also assists clients in acheiving their goals through diet and nutrition guidance. Certifications: - BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer - 200 hour yoga teacher training - GMP Exercise Development Specialist - NASM Navigating Diets Contact: *Offers free fitness consultation 604-649-9828

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Sean Park

Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Meet Sean aka Sparky

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Sean is an experienced personal trainer with over 8 years in the field! He specializes in weight loss and body transformation for all ages. Sean is also an experienced body building competitor and believes it's healthy to compete whether its sports related or not. If you're ready to test your capabilities, expand past your limits, and begin to transform your mindset and lifestyle, he is the coach for you. Sean's philosophy:  "work hard, train hard, play hard. It's the only way."


Michael Escalate

Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Meet Mike

Mike has a background in Sport Science and a love for a variety of fitness modalities ranging from MMA, soccer, track and field, to HIIT, strength training, and powerlifting; he loves it all!  He believes that fitness shouldn't only be about becoming the biggest or strongest but finding an activity you enjoy. He helps his clients create healthy lifestyles that they love and still achieve the results they desire while having fun in the process. Mike's philosophy: "something is always better than nothing. There isn't just one way to get into shape. Also, it's never too late to start! A year from now you would have wished you started today." Contact: 778-917-7895

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Wendy Zhang

Personal Trainer

Meet Wendy

Wendy is a personal trainer who has dabbled in bikini competitions and has a love for yoga and pilates. With her diverse experience as a pilates instructor and her love for strength training, she teaches her clients the importance of the breath, help them improve their flexibility and alignment of the body, as well as focus on strengthening muscles as a way to move better, feel better, and improve overall quality of life long term. Certifications: - PTA Certified Personal Training (NASM Recognized) - Pre and Post Natal Pilates Specialist - PMA Anatomy - Human Anatomy and Physiology (Nicola Valley Institute of Technology) - Multi-tool Mobility-Advanced Self-Myofascial Release Techniques - Kettlebell Training - TRX Suspension Training - DOTFIT Nutrition - PRECISION Nutrition Level 1 Contact:

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Robby Anchant

Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Meet Robby

Robby is a highly experienced personal trainer with a biochemistry degree under his belt, BCRPA certified, and has achieved in becoming a multi-federation bodybuilding British champion! Robby brings an unique and holistic approach to his training programs that is unmatched in the industry. Robby's workouts are known to be brutal, but they are also guaranteed to deliver results. In fact, many of his clients describe his sessions as the hardest workouts of their lives. But don't worry, Robby's funny and original personality makes the process enjoyable and humorous, even during the most challenging exercises. Even with all of Robby's unique experience, what truly sets him apart from other trainers, is his approach to rehabilitation. With his spine straightening skills and deep tissue muscle massage techniques, Robby is able to help his clients recover from injuries and get back to their peak performance levels in no time. Are you ready to feel stronger, healthier, and happier? Contact: 778-995-1925

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Carmichael Manfredi

Personal Trainer, Boxing Coach, & Confidence Coach

Meet Carmichael

Carmichael is here to help you relieve that pent up stress! Whether you're a beginner boxer looking to learn proper form, or someone who wants to hit some pads and get some amazing exercise, I can help guide you in the right direction! A little bit about me: I have been boxing for 10+ years, ISSA certified personal trainer, I have been in business for 2 years, and I'm a certified confidence coach. If you're someone who: - Is looking to manage stress in a healthy way - Wants to learn the technical side of boxing - Looking to switch up your cardio routine - Is wanting to feel more confident and unleash your inner warrior If ANY of these apply to you, I'm your guy! Contact me to book your first free consultation. Contact: 236-988-0440

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Serhii Melnyk

Personal Trainer

Meet Serhii

Serhii has 10+ years of experience as a personal trainer and has an extensive background in strength training and bodybuilding as he has competed and won first place in Men's classic physique in the Vancity Showdown, first place in Arnold Classic Europe in Spain, and has also placed for Overall Bodybuilding Champion of Ukraine. Serhii's passion for fitness not only shows through his commitment to his training and competing in bodybuilding competitions but also in the way that he loves to see his clients succeed in reaching their fitness goals, specifically with those who are looking to increase their competitive edge and performance in a specific sport, such as wrestling and weightlifting. Contact: 778-903-6983

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