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Physiotherapy Treatment

KARP Rehabilitation

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Whether you are recovering from an injury or require surgical rehabilitation, they are here for you! Karp Rehabilitation’s team of licensed physiotherapists and healthcare professionals are ready to help you achieve your optimum wellness and quality of life. With over 25 years in the rehabilitation industry, you can expect premier results!

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OTs) can help get you the medical treatments and supplies you need. This could include compensatory tools, like ergonomic chairs, or recovery services, like active rehabilitation. Whether you are returning home from an injuryimproving your work station, or encouraging your child’s mental and physical growth, occupational therapy is the way to go!

Active Rehab

Active rehabilitation treatments are one-on-one sessions with a certified kinesiologist, the most knowledgeable health professionals for overseeing exercise therapy.

Your trainer will begin by providing stretches and exercises designed to address your unique injuries, pool programs are also an option for acute injuries. As your condition improves, your program will adapt to meet your needs. This will also provide you with the education you need to continue your exercises independently, so you know you will be set up for long-term success!

"Getting you back to you. It's what we do."

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Upon Arrival

KARP Rehab is located inside the Fitness 2000 facility, near Lougheed Town Centre. When you enter the building, follow the signs for Fitness 2000, and let the friendly staff at the reception desk know that you are looking for KARP Rehab.

FREE PARKING: Complimentary parking is available to all KARP Rehab clients! Parking lots are located off Salish Court and off Erikson Drive. Upon arrival, take note of your license plate number. Let our receptionist know your plate number for 3 hours of complimentary parking! Remember, all Lougheed Wellness Centre clients are welcome to stay and use the gym facilities for free!

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