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Fitness 2000 is a three part facility that consists of what we like to call the small gym, big gym, and pool area

Our Facility


Small Gym

Our Small Gym consists of strength training machines, a small dumbbell rack, stretching area, and cardio equipment that is perfect for beginners.


Functional Training Room

Located inside the big gym, our functional training room is fully equiped with 3 battle ropes, a sled that can be plate loaded, plyometric jump boxes, 3 TRX's, agility ladder and hurdles, medicine balls and weighted workout balls, a peg board, and dumbbell rack that contains kettlebells.


Big Gym

In our Big Gym, we have a larger assortment of strength training machines, free weights, a functional training room, cardio equipment, and a boxing area. This is our most popular area for intermediate to experienced gym-goers.

boxing area_edited.jpg

Boxing Area

Located inside the big gym, our boxing area has 4 boxing bags and a black mat surrounding the area that makes it perfect for boxing without shoes.


Pool Area

enjoy a relaxing spa-like experience after your workout with our hot tub, sauna, and steam room located in the pool area. We also have a 20 foot long pool with 5 lanes that is perfect for swimming laps. We do have a swimming schedule available for member swim times outside of when swimming lessons are taking place. Please visit HERE to see times available.

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